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 JX and the LUV Monkey present "LOST AND FOUND" : Click photos for larger images and slideshow.  


LUV Monkey goes out on the town with a lavendar fleecy coat, and her green water pistol and red ladybug plastic ball.
LUV Monkey looks ravishing in this brown sweater, yellow-gold plastic beads, plastic sunglasses with faux-animal frames
LUV Monkey hopes that no one claims the brown suede boots.
LUV Monkey goes to the beach, and looks hot hot hot in this ravishing outfit of a blue sun dress, pink and white striped arm warmers, which may have originally been leg warmers. She tops it off with a red sash/belt and a light blue floppy hat.
LUV Monkey and her pix snapper were in a hurry to take this pic of light blue pants and an even lighter blue fancy-fancy camping towel. (All other towels stayed in the forest where LUV monkeys natively roam.) A pink flower garland crown like a Queen of the LUV Monkeys? I think so! And with the devil-may-care hanging red zippered sweater on her right arm (your left), watch her paint the town red red red!!
LUV Monkey stays fit and active by playing frisbee with her standard yellow frisbee and her light green frisbee of the type that could get caught around the neck of a sea lion or something if she has to throw it out. And nothing can stop LUV Monkey in her blue denim hat and a black silk shirt!
It's a hair brush. Yes, LUV Monkeys pick their nits from each other, but our LUV Monkey likes this silver hair brush awfully portrayed in this photo, along with a frisbee with an iconic portrayal of that old Beach Boys song about "two girls for every boy", a song that you remember, although you don't want to admit it. Also, the white t-shirt is "fetching", kind of like what you want a dog to do with the frisbee on a nice day in Dolores park when the frisbee goes astray.
Who *wouldn't* want to rock this LUV Monkey in this stunning ensemble, with a pink Rock me Baby "T", a white cotton shirt with a diaper pin. Protecting her fine coat of fur on her head is a frayed wicker cowboy hat. Get along, little cowgirl!
LUV Monkeys are all about love, and the spirit of Jebus is evident in this ensemble, with a black mock turtleneck and 3 floppy crucifixes.
Omni uber sub ubi? Platter of panties and underwear, anyone? Our five pairs of underwear run the gamut from white underwear that's boooo-ring, to Ms. Clowny Pants, and even some Victoria "I think I know your" Secret silks. The black ones are probably for boys/men/boys2men. And let's all rock the house with our groooovy mini-tamborine!
"There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip; Nay, her foot speaks." -- William Shakespeare, from the History of Troilus and Cressida. Never more true than with LUV Monkey's fine former foot finds, including a mind-blowing 3 pairs of kids shoes! The high cost of parenting gets even higher with so many abandoned foot-coverings!
Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! When LUV Monkey needs to travel to parties, she takes health and fashion essentials like her black mesh toiletry case with little plastic bottles (which I'm told have fancy stuff), several earrings, several bracelets, a silver glasses case, green-and-red-washcloth, and some little foamy plastic thing with a picture of a person on it. Oh, and some white gloves.
LUV Monkey stays o-so-very discreet with this mouse mask! For further anonymity, she wears a bright kids top and bright red pants.
Another frisbee!? Yes, and this time it snuggles around a black strappy thing, and a kids card/drawing. LUV Monkey holds a black fuzzy Banana Republic shirt. And the scene is lit by a Canon lens cap, which does not normally glow like that.
JX would like to say THANKS, LUV MONKEY!


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